La Fabbrica Ceramiche Eco-Friendly Tile

Composite materials are a great way to integrate recycled content into new products. Products such as Paperstone and Nylodeck use post-consumer recycled content to manufacture new products that would otherwise require the use of virgin materials. Tile for floors and walls is an interior finish material that lends itself well to the use of recycled content. Fireclay tile uses upcycled toilets and other porcelain waste to create tiles you would never clean with a toilet brush. A contrasting aesthetic with a similar eco-mindset is the mosaic glass collection by Ellen Blakeley who uses recycled commercial glass in her artistic tiles.

Cathay 4Fine. Designed by La Fabbrica S.p.a.

It is no surprise that an Italian company would take sustainable tiles to a new level of elegance. La Fabbrica S.p.a. is a firm specializing in the production of high-quality paving and ceramics. Of their many timeless collections, the Cathay 4Fine series is made with a new and innovative process, making it much lighter than traditional porcelain. A lighter tile has a ripple effect on its overall sustainability by making the tile easier to transport and install as well as using less material.

Cathay 4Fine can be used over existing tile (and thus creating less waste) and is easier to cut and drill through (less energy used). La Fabbrica S.p.a. works with equipment and production methods that are capable of reducing atmospheric emissions to a minimum. The production process for Cathay4 Fine reduces emissions of carbon dioxide by 50% from the standard process and reduces packaging materials by 30%. All packaging materials are 100% recycled and recyclable.

La Fabbrica Ceramiche Tile
La Fabbrica Ceramiche Tile

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