Live Video at IIDEX, NeoCon Canada: Manufactured Landscapes

When I hear the words ‘manufactured landscapes’ I think possibly fake grass, a robotic pedestal platform, organically curving concrete, waterfalls, etc. Never would I have ever guessed modular carpeting!

But I’ll admit that I think it’s a great idea being that carpet tile is the most highly applied floor finish in domestic commercial interiors (maybe even in the world), and is regrettably ignored by many interior designers and architects. Thanks to innovative manufacturers like Tandus that will not be the case any longer. Learn more about Tandus’ Manufactured Landscapes with Terry Mowers, Chief Creative Officer for Tandus.

Additionally, fellow 3ringer Tanya Palta wrote about Tandus’ Manufactured Landscapes earlier this week and her article provides added input via the perspective one might expect from our International woman of mystery.

Check out Manufacturered Landscapes and more products by Tandus on Designer Pages.

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