Alur Glass Walls are Bold and Beautiful

Alur Glass Walls are Bold and Beautiful

Movable walls are increasingly likely to be part of the Safe Return strategy, and Alur Glass Walls are perfectly primed to fit the niche.

Alur Glass Walls conference room

A movable, frameless system with a minimal aesthetic, Alur Glass Walls feature polycarbonate “dry joints” for a seamless glass-on-glass junction via a tongue-and-groove design—“forming a perfect seal and preventing any sound leakage through the glass.”

Alur Glass Walls joint detail

The system creates the appearance of beautiful and uninterrupted expanses of glass—no mullions or vertical posts. And Alur’s 1/2” tempered glass provides excellent rigidity and sound attenuation. Additionally, the discreet aluminum frame is bead-blasted, a process that minimizes fingerprints and scratches.

Alur Glass Walls Perkins + Will Chicago

Frame finish options include black, dark bronze, and white. Glass may be specified in clear and low-iron tempered and laminated, gray- and bronze-tinted, acid-etched, and white laminate.

Alur Glass Walls breakout room

See Alur for additional information.

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