Muraflex Mimo: Clear, Anodized, Demountable

Muraflex Mimo: Clear, Anodized, Demountable

Enjoy the view with Mimo by Muraflex, a demountable glass wall system that offers visual continuity, acoustic privacy, and long, uninterrupted passages for the entry of natural light.

Mimo in law firm view from reception desk

“A luxurious and functional option, MIMO elevates any office or commercial space.”

Mimo walls in law firm hallway

Mimo’s anodized extrusions and ladder pull handles provide an uncluttered, minimalist look, offering an aesthetic of professionalism in concert with pragmatic function. The Portland law firm featured here chose Mimo for the way it enhances the perception of space.

conference room with large demountable wall system

Mimo Glazed Walls Expand and Enhance

Conference rooms especially benefit from the expansive aesthetic, as the walls bring in natural light while providing privacy.

High-tech office space with glass rooms and exposed ceilings

Options for Mimo inlcude glazed and solid panels, hinged and sliding doors, and a variety of hardware choices. See Muraflex to find out more.

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