Levia Air Bookcase by Ronda Design

Levia Air Bookcase by Ronda Design

There’s nothing quite like a bookcase you can crawl under. Or, even better, place an arm clean through.

Ronda Levia Air front view

Such is the case with the ceiling hanging version of Ronda’s Levia Air. Designed by Gino Carollo, this bookcase is “a surprisingly ethereal design traced by metallic and essential lines.”

Ronda Levia Air side view close-up

“Essential” is apropos. For Levia Air is a streamlined piece that entirely eschews adornment, leaving an asymmetrical form so light it seems to levitate, while remaining fully functional—more so, in fact, than many weightier bookcases.

Ronda Levia Air in modern living room

Options for Levia Air include choice of nine finishes. To find out more, see Ronda Design.

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