HD Expo 2024: The Versatile Beam Modular Storage from Room&Board

HD Expo 2024: The Versatile Beam Modular Storage from Room&Board

As shown by the enthusiasm of attendees at HD Expo 2024, the Beam Bookcase Wall Units by Room&Board are a perfect solution to help build your constituency of returning clients. They add style, convenience, and comfort for guests to any hotel room and, importantly, make cleaning and care easier for your staff. From Extended Stay facilities to hotels that book clients for a night or two, the Beam series offers options that will make your guests happy campers.

Beam bookcase with open shelves and drawers with clothing in bedroom

You can include clothing hangers for your modular unit that allow guests to view their options for dressing for events at a glance. Their shirts, suits, jackets, and pants will remain fresh because they are not crowded into a stuffy closet. Open shelves let guests view sweaters, ties, shoes, and other accessories to accomplish the perfect look.  

Walk-in closet with Beam modular storage

The drop-down desk options let guests work conveniently in smaller spaces. The cabinets with doors can be used to store items that don’t need to be displayed, such as snacks, cosmetics, pajamas, cameras, and other items for personal use.  

Small set up with dark wood and task chair

As a modular storage unit with a basic metal skeleton (the “beam” of the name), Beam is infinitely customizable. In addition to shelves, users may incorporate drawers, flip-top cabinets, clothing racks, even some very artful wine storage, which often comes in handy for both residential and, ahem, workplace use.

Beam storage in light-toned wood with wine rack insert/bar set-up

For large commercial projects, Room&Board offers design services, logistics, and billing. Commercial clients are eligible for five- or ten-year product warranties. For DIYers, Beam comes with an attachment template to aid installation. The accessories simply insert and then attach via pilot holes to the shelf above.

Beam in white with drawers and open shelves

Check out all the appealing options for Beam at HD Expo, Booth #3521.

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