Enhance Your Leisure with the Biscotti Bookcase

Enhance Your Leisure with the Biscotti Bookcase

A versatile and eclectic piece with a good dash of whimsy, Caffé Latte’s Biscotti bookcase evokes a few of our favorite things.

Biscotti Bookcase front/side view wiht items inside

This is true in regards to the potpourri of personal items users will display, but also in view of the bookcase’s original inspiration. According to Caffé Latte, “Imagined as a set of small biscuits on top of each other, Biscotti is the perfect little pairing for a tasty cup of coffee.”

Walnut Veneer bookcase in nice living room with tall windows, white rug, and white sofa

The coffee house aesthetic also inheres in Biscotti’s fine finish, a beautiful walnut veneer set off against a resplendent satin nickel, so bright it’s like a snow-white dollop of foamy frothed milk.

Biscotti empty

Biscotti’s other perk is its intuitive adjustability. The stacked modules may be aligned or rotated so as to best show off the wares displayed therein.

Bookcase with rotated modules with items in it

Find out more at Caffé Latte.

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