Vashti Mosaic Tile and More from New Ravenna

Vashti Mosaic Tile and More from New Ravenna

New year. New Ravenna. New mosaic tiles! Vashti is a glazed basalto tile in variations of Pantone’s Colors of the Year. Creative Director Cean Imminger likens the pattern and color combination to the plumage of warbler songbirds, “calmly guiding us into the New Year with their everyday grit and hopeful song.”

New Ravenna Vashti Tile black

Casablanca, another new design, is a classic water jet stone mosaic that evokes the look of modern Morocco.

New Ravenna Casablanca Tile

Tangier recalls another far-flung locale. A starburst pattern in green and black set against a white background, Tangier is a mesmerizing tile in honed Bianco Antico.

New Ravenna Tangier tile

Lastly, 2cm Cloud Line is a small profile tile in gradients of gray and white, ideal for a fresh look in the bathroom.

New Ravenna 2 cm Cloud Nine tile in white

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