Shades of Grey: Crossville’s Latest Line of Porcelain Stone Tiles

By now, anyone in the A&D industry knows that the American company called Crossville—uniquely positioned in Crossville, Tennessee at the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau—has pioneered the development and design of Porcelain Stone. This versatile composite tile is beautiful and durable, as well as resistant to chemicals, cold, sun, and water. What many may not know, however, is how very eclectic and adaptable the Crossville collection is. Take the Shades line of tiles, for instance. Users can parlay this assortment of nine contemporary cool colors into an untold number of imaginative options.

Shades porcelain stone tile. Manufactured by Crossville.

Crossville’s Shades Line Comes in Two Finishes and Multiple Shapes and Sizes

One might think that the sedate color palette of Shades constrains designs to but a handful of incarnations. This supposition couldn’t be farther from the truth, as the six shades of gray, two hues of white, and one rich bold selection that Crossville calls “not-quite-black” are easily transformed into a contemporary cornucopia of intersecting blocks and rectilinear configurations.

Shades Porcelain Stone Tile. Manufactured by Crossville.

The tremendous versatility of Shades comes courtesy of the inherent form-ability of porcelain stone: “Rectified and designed to be modular, Shades by Crossville is available in 24 x 24, 12 x 24, and 6 x 24 sizes. Through the “Get Planked” program, custom sizes can be created to increase your options, as well.”

Shades Porcelain Stone Tile. Manufactured by Crossville.

As long as we remove that last phrase from the context of sea-faring rapscallions, I’m well on board. In addition to the myriad design options facilitated by “getting planked,” Shades offers other benefits besides—not limited to local manufacture right there in Tennessee, but also extending to incorporation of 20% recycled content. Additionally, Crossville offers the Shades line in a complementary collection of modern accents: 1” x 3” honed and stacked mosaics.

Shades Porcelain Stone Tile. Manufactured by Crossville.

These smaller tiles are every bit the aesthetic equal of the larger Shades tiles, as they enable matching or creatively counter-posed backsplashes and countertops—“internationally sourced metallic mosaic borders to add glamour to your design.”

About the Manufacturer: Crossville, Inc. manufactures and distributes premium Porcelain Stone tile throughout the United States. Backed by world-class logistics, comprehensive technical support programs, and attentive customer service, Crossville’s beautifully designed and environmentally conscious products set the industry standard for domestic tile. Recently, the brand has continued its penchant for innovation by introducing glass, metal, and natural stone to complement its high performance Porcelain Stone lines.

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