Lava Glass Mosaic Tiles from Island Stone

Lava Glass Mosaic Tiles from Island Stone

Lava Glass is a new mosaic tile from Island Stone that will definitely put you in the mood for summer.

Lava Glass tiles cool tropics

The collection is comprised of fused-glass tiles, meaning back paint is applied at extremely high temps. This gives the tile a unique aesthetic, “with brilliant, pearlescent color spanning the light and dark tones of each across a single mosaic.”

Lava Glass tiles solid ash

The variation multiplies across installations, creating an effect that reflects and refracts light, not unlike the play of sun on water.

Lava Glass tiles liquid glass

And that’s just what they’re after, according to CEO Nigel Eaton: “an illusion of glimmering water, that unmistakable aesthetic of sunlight and motion reflecting and echoing across its rippling surface.”

Lava Glass tiles burning ice

Lava Glass is available in six colors. They provide their lovely luminescence in watery applications like shower walls, pools, spas, and water features. They’re also great for interior walls, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and exterior walls.

Lava Glass tiles offset solid ash

See Island Stone to find out more.

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