Hillier Petite Mosaic by Ann Sacks

The Hillier Petite Mosaic design by Ann Sacks will transform any wall into a statement of lavishness. The Hilliers Petite Mosaic is a curvaceous shape that continuously interlocks creating a repetitive arrangement of beauty. A design project often calls for a surface to be altered in a way that paint just won’t due. That is when tile, specifically mosaic tile, can be used. As a designer for over 7 years, I realize the power of stone. Intricate patterns are often seen in fabrics designs and wallpaper. However, when those same designs are reinterpreted into stone it takes the art of decorative design to a new level. The craftsmanship, time and effort it takes to render a stone mosaic should not be underestimated. The true beauty of mosaic stone tiles is seen in architecture all over the world from Morocco, India, America and Mexico. The Hiller Petite design will add a sense of permanence to your interior. Natural stone has the ability to formalize a space while keeping an organic feel.

Stone Mosaid. Designed by Ann Sacks.

Hiller Petite Mosaic by Ann Sacks

Stone Mosaid. Designed by Ann Sacks.
The Hillier Petite Mosaic is the pinnacle of sophisticated elegance. Taking its aesthetic cue from designs popular during the 1930’s, the pattern translates beautifully when transferred to the medium of stone. Like people, every stone in the Hillier Petite Mosaic is unique. Therefore, you are always guaranteed a level of distinctiveness not found in manmade products. The movement in the Hillier Petite Mosaic is majestic and the open pattern allows the mosaic to be read from many distances. A wonderful blend of 3 types of stones; the calacatta ora (white gold) as the background, rossa laguna (red) creates the dominate shape, and nero marquina (black) as the accent color for depth.  Quarried for centuries, marble mosaics continue to satisfy the most discretionary customer and The Hillier Petite Mosaic continues this legacy.

About the Manufacturer: Ann Sacks explores the relationship of tiles, stone and plumbing in imaginative and unexpected ways. They are an industry leader providing luxury tile, stone and plumbing fixtures to the design community. They believe in collaboration and value ideas.

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