The Pinnacle of Mosaic Design

The Pinnacle of Mosaic Design

New Ravenna has a pretty cool way of celebrating their 30th. anniversary.

Canna mosaic design leaf pattern in dark green on palette of lighter green

In lieu of commemorative re-issues, the renowned manufacturer of custom mosaics elected to create four new patterns, chosen from submissions to the first Mosaic Design Competition. The four patterns herein—”Canna,” “Norris,” “Moon Jellies,” and “You Shape the World Around You,” represent the winners.

Moon Jellies mosaic of jellyfish on black background with tray of bath products next to it

Moon Jellies. By Jacquelyn Bizzotto.

The four winners were chosen from two categories: fine art and pattern. Moon Jellies won in the former for the beautiful and detailed depiction of these oft-iridescent and always mysterious denizens of the deep. Pattern winners include Canna (pictured at top) and Norris (below), both of which display “skillful depictions of repeating patterns that are accessible while still being intricate and eye-catching.”

Norris pattern of mosaics with black geometric shapes on white background with marble appearance

The second winner in the fine arts category, You Shape the World Around You by Heather Green, is a creative capitulation of the artist’s mindscape, with the composition’s vertical marks noting repetitions of the title, which the artist thought of as a mantra as she worked.

You Shape the World Around you design on wall

All four designs are handcrafted in Virginia from stone, jewels, glass, and brass. The PInnacle collection is now a permanent part of New Ravenna’s catalog of made-to-measure mosaics. The four designers receive commissions on each mosaic produced.

Norris on black background

For additional information on the competition and to browse the entire offering of mosaics for residential and commercial installation, see New Ravenna.

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