A Chair for the Stars

A Chair for the Stars

Nuans’ Stellar might emanate from the stars—such is the engineering of this sleek and streamlined ultra versatile chair.

Nuans' Stellar Chair black dining

Stellar is rife with aerodynamic associations: “strong lines shared with modern fighter planes and military decorations… star-like, triangular volumes on the rear and bottom parts.”

Nuans' Stellar Chair mint green front and rear views

The chair is indeed impeccably designed. The clean and ultra-modern lines of the legs are juxtaposed with the rounded and welcoming features of the seat and back, for an appealing mix of hard and soft, fast and slow.

Nuans' Stellar Chair beige in restaurant

Stellar is a monoblock indoor/outdoor chair made of textured glass fiber reinforced polypropylene. It comes in five different colors. Upholstered and perforated versions are available as well.

Nuans' Stellar Chair perforated yellow and green

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