Stellar Chair by Sander Mulder for TOOU

Stellar Chair by Sander Mulder for TOOU

A stackable, monoblock plastic chair, Stellar is a twenty-first-century interpretation of classic wooden school chairs from the 1950s.


Created by Sander Mulder for TOOU, Stellar lives up to its name in two ways: its stellar lines relate to the stars and its style makes it "exceptionally good."


A chair that fits in anywhere, Stellar is at home in diverse hospitality venues, including large and small hotels, where Stellar works in dining, conference, and guest rooms. Stellar is also suitable for outdoor use, making a great poolside or patio chair.


In white, black, light grey, anthracite, and mint green, Stellar's starry night/planetary palette definitely gives a nod to the universe and its celestial bodies.


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