New Wall Couture Collection from Soicher Marin

New Wall Couture Collection from Soicher Marin

Soicher Marin presents the Wall Couture Collection, a curated selection of design-forward wallpapers for the autumn season.

Wall Couture Collection Gemini Project

The collection is comprised of several unique designs. Brancusi, by artist Susan Hable, is a bold pattern of geometric forms etched in white on a vibrant background, “reflecting the simplicity and elegance of mid-century as well as whimsical floral contemporary ideas.”

Wall Couture Collection Brancusi

Alien Relic is similarly daring. Freshly unearthed from the Soicher Marin archives, the print is simultaneously whimsical and foreboding, with a ghostly alien visage emerging from an enigmatic trapezoidal enclosure.

Wall Couture Collection Alien Relic

Dandelion Dream is lighter and brighter but no less engaging, with lollipop-like flowers flitting this way and that on a pastel background.

Wall Couture Collection Dandelion Dream

Lastly, Flower Vases, also from Hable, continues the floral theme. With expressive line drawings of repeating vases, the design evokes the whimsical art and childlike sensibility of artist Joan Miró.

Wall Couture Collection Flower Vases

Other designs in the Couture collection include “Leaves,” “Collage,” “Gemini Project,” and “Castilliano.” Each of these is available in multiple colorways. To find out more, see Soicher Marin.

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