WallPepper’s Special Systems Line

WallPepper’s Special Systems Line

Already known for their wild creativity and vivid graphic designs, WallPepper now adds unique performance to the company’s many credentials with WallPepper’s Special Systems line.

WallPepper's Special Systems blue background with white translucent butterflies in bathroom with black and yellow washbasin

Smooth TNT is WallPepper’s sustainable line. Largely fabricated from agave leaves, this woven cellulose product is thus not only PVC-free but also fire-resistant, odorless, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

WallPepper Special Systems Smooth TNT palm leaf motif with kitchen table and chairs in foreground

Next up, WallPepper H2O is a waterproof textile featuring a high-density glass-fiber material, thus achieving excellent performance in humidity and moisture, making it ideal for bathrooms.

WallPepper Special Systems H2O line with spiky agave plant on background of white and gray pointy shapes

Lastly, there’s WallPepper’s sound-damping acoustical product. Made for both walls and ceilings, the Acoustic line is an excellent choice to reduce reverberation and improve the sound quality in any space.

WallPepper Special Systems Acoustic Line in bathroom resembles deeply textured white wood

Find out more at WallPepper. And see Designer Pages Media for more cool wallpaper designs.

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