What’s Your Constellation?

What’s Your Constellation?

From Kravet and Missoni Home, Constellations is an intricate and colorful wallcovering that will quite literally help you find your sign.

Constellations wallcovering behind bed

The wallpaper, a vinyl/faux leather product sold in 11-yard increments, features an eclectic depiction of the 12 signs of the Zodiac—from the blunt forthrightness of Taurus to the stinging wit of Scorpio.

Constellations with Taurus on taupe/mustard background
Scorpio detail on midnight blue

Backgrounds are available in four colors: two subtle shades in the off-white spectrum, a creamy yellow, and an arresting midnight blue.

Constellations with blue backing and console with balls of yarn in the foreground
Constellations detail on off-white background

Check out Kravet and Missoni Home to learn more.

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