Get Together (but not too Together) with Gather 4.1

Get Together (but not too Together) with Gather 4.1

Together—Apart. The phrase is kind of a mantra lately at Fig40, a company focused on examining the ways 2020 has disrupted traditional working patterns and encouraged innovative approaches, like Gather 4.1.

Fig40 Gather 4.1 side by side images of old benching system + 4.1 four-seater unit

This is a table/chair/workstation with a unique central hub base design—creating individual work stations that make it possible to sit near someone without sitting too near them. Thus helping to achieve “social distancing in a collaborative world.”

Fig40 Gather 4.1 three seater with orange upholstered stool

Gather 4.1 includes three- and four-seat table/desk modules. Each user has a dedicated workspace with a single surface. The footprint is similar to that of traditional benched collaborative stations, yet it keeps workers spaced much farther from each other, enabling everyone to return to work while remaining safely apart.

Fig40 Gather 4.1 three seater alongside overhead graphic showing user spacing

Find out more about Gather 4.1 and peruse additional approaches to enhancing workplace safety at Fig40. Also go to Designer Pages Media for more safe workplace designs.

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