Mural Welcomes You to the Neighborhood

Mural Welcomes You to the Neighborhood

Allsteel chose the motif of the Mural—a mostly public art form that evokes pastiche, diversity, and urbanism— to characterize its award-winning collection of systems furniture, winner of a Silver award at NeoCon 2022.

Mural workstation with woman standing and man walking in background

The idea here is to promote diversity and inclusivity. Rather than modeling it on the familiar form of the grid, Mural is based on the idea of a neighborhood, with pockets of privacy amid inclusive spaces, niches with a unique identity that are flexible enough to easily incorporate change.

Allsteel office privacy screen with blue felt and seated woman looking at phone

Comprised of fences, privacy screens, and height-adjustable work surfaces, Mural provides the tools for a basic blueprint of space—a foundational infrastructure that incorporates storage, freestanding tables, and other pieces, thus “helping to create organic settings that humanize the workplace.”

Mural breakout area with woman on ottoman writing on markerboard

Key features here include the pivoting fence foot and flex connector. The former enables easy alteration to open up or close off space as needed, and the latter allows a free-flowing aesthetic to facilitate flexible work styles.

fence rotating foot detail
fence foot in hidden position
Mural connector detail showing two workstations connected in a curving organic shape

The collection also includes accessories like magnetic marker boards and marker holders, as well as a variety of textures, colors, and finishes for fences and screens, including PET, laminate, mesh, fabric, and wood veneer.

Mural  screens in blue felt and wood veneer

Get further details at Allsteel. And see Designer Pages Media for more innovative systems furniture.

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