A Workflow Innovation by Nurture: the Sync Nurses’ Station

Steelcase Subsidiary Nurture is fast making a name for themselves as the state-of-the-art provider for the healthcare workspace. In past 3rings posts, we’ve explored how the company’s Montage Nurses’ Station provides a flexible and adaptable solution to the venue’s evolving demands. The companion Sync Nurses’ Station does likewise, as it represents a user-centered approach: “Through studying the caregiver and understanding their day-to-day life, the design takes shape… by focusing on the caregiver’s workflow, we can begin to improve the environment.”

Sync Nurses’ Station. Manufactured by Nurture.

Nurture’s Sync Caregiver Stations Accommodate a Variety of Work Styles

The creative spark that led to Sync began by focusing on four essential components to good workflow: collaboration, efficiency, adaptability, and ergonomics. These categories, Nurture’s researchers reasoned, coalesce around a single, central notion: rather than making do with available space, the work environment should reflect the needs of the user.

Sync Nurses' Station. Manufactured by Nurture.

Granted, this can be a tall order in the hectic hospital environment, but Sync accomplishes it through wise use of technology and skillful incorporation of modular, functional elements. In contrast to the old paradigm in which “nurses might write on anything: a trashcan, a raised knee, the edge of a bedrail,” Sync mandates a veritable bevy of worktops.

Sync Nurses' Station. Manufactured by Nurture.

These surfaces take different forms for different needs—straight or contoured worktops, single station tops, collaborative nexuses with multiple monitors and keyboards, dual side-by-side units for intensive one-on-one work. Sync also offers three different heights for “sitting, standing, and perching,” in addition to automated height-adjustable stations.  The variability recognizes that no two nurses are alike. Similarly, it acknowledges that sound ergonomics require a variety of working positions. Just so, Sync’s standing stations include an integrated footrest—because taking just a little of the load off can make a huge difference.

Sync Nurses' Station. Manufactured by Nurture.

The different workstations are impressively adaptable. Full swivel monitor arms with extended reach capabilities allow easy image sharing (even with a colleague across the desk), as well as 360-degree rotation to toggle between landscape and portrait views. Each station also features Nurture’s patented “technology stretcher.” This organizational feature easily manages multiple cables, eliminating clutter while also providing fast access for maintenance.

Sync Nurses' Station. Manufactured by Nurture.

The variety of different heights and different surface shapes eschews the “one size fits all” mentality of the past. To the contrary, Sync recognizes that everybody works better when the infrastructure is customized for bodily individuality and workflow preference. Sync facilitates such a degree of customization with the simple push of a button, the easy extension of a flat screen monitor.

About the Manufacturer: Manufacturer Nurture is on the cutting edge of workplace ergonomics. The company provides customized solutions via a modular approach. As seen in innovative collections like Media:Scape for office and the Montage Nurses’ Station, Nurture has made tremendous strides in improving workflow and enhancing productivity. These contributions are especially apparent in the healthcare venue, where the revelatory Sync Workstation line has proven to be flexible, adaptable to caregiver needs, and ergonomically sound. The modular approach has also enabled hospitals to get organized—to cut down on visible clutter and reduce the use of paper. All of this makes for a neater, cleaner, and more enlightening environment, a Godsend to caregivers and patients alike.

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