Kvadrat Knit! Exhibition at 3 Days of Design in Denmark

Debuting at this week’s 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen, Kvadrat Knit! is a celebration of knitted textiles. With an emphasis on textiles as “three-dimensional constructions with form-shaping abilities,” Knit! challenged 28 designers to create conceptual pieces that exemplify the great potential of this art and craft.

Kvadrat Knit! A Trifle of Color Table and Chairs

Conversation, by Adam Goodrum Studio is an upholstered seating collection that’s a riff on Victorian love seats. Goodrum employed broad swaths of Kvadrat’s Gentle 2 for a highly textured and vibrantly hued design.

Kvadrat Knit! Adam Goodrum Studio Conversation seating

Ofset Chair by N.Y. artist Ana Kraš plays on the typical waiting room chair by juxtaposing four Kvadrat textiles in contrasting colors to form a futuristic mélange of straight lines and intersecting angles.

Kvadrat Knit! Ana Kraš Ofset Chair

Living Room by industrial design practice Visibility engages the typology of dining arrangements by proposing a return to eating on the floor. The piece is an homage to both Middle Eastern traditions and the graphical aesthetic of the pie chart.

Kvadrat Knit! Visibility Living Room floor seating with dining table

Shigeki Fujishiro’s Bumpy Basket weaves textiles around a three-dimensional grid of ropes to highlight the material qualities of the medium. Fujishiro used Kvadrat’s Uniform, Mélange, Sprinkles, and Apparel textiles to make these jaunty creations that appear to locomote like inchworms turned on end.

Kvadrat Knit! Shigeki Fujishiro Bumpy Basket

Lastly, Venice-based Zaven engages the allure of flight with a series of fanciful apparel for aeronauts, “If I had Wings.” The utopian vision harnesses the stretchy qualities of textiles to “explore an imagined role for knits in mediating interactions between the body and gravity.”

Kvadrat Knit! Zaven If I Had Wings display

3 Days of Design takes place from September 3 to 5. The exhibition is both in-person and online, with a dedicated website allowing virtual immersion into the details of each design. Check out the above—and work by the other 23 participating designers—at kvadrat.dk/3daysofdesign.

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