Cool Conical Pendant from Pholc and Global Lighting

Cool Conical Pendant from Pholc and Global Lighting

Manufactured by Pholc for distribution by Global Lighting, the resplendent Apollo 59 Pendant evokes not only the famed U.S. space program that culminated with 12 moon landings, but also the Greek God of the sun.

Pholc Apollo 59 pendnat black

While the pendant borrows its look from the iconic rocket ship, its form (and function) owe an even greater dept to the god of that radiant orb that powers all life. The pendant’s hallmark is a lustrous metal finish that glimmers and gleams in all directions.

Pholc Apollo 59 pendant brass two images

Designed in the oft-gloomy environs of Stockholm by Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle, Apollo 59 certainly gives a bright dash of illumined inspiration, paralleling Apollo’s penchant for providing light in darkness, for well-reasoned solutions to difficult challenges.

Pholc Apollo 59 pendant one aluminum one black

Apollo 59 is machine-tuned from a single solid piece of aluminum or brass. Finish options include two shades of Apollo Aluminum, Black Magic, and Deep Sea Brass.

Pholc Apollo 59 pendant aluminum two pendants above table

See Global Lighting to find out more.

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