It’s a Great Time to be an Outsider

It’s a Great Time to be an Outsider

Who knew that a pile of headlights salvaged from postwar Russian tractors could inspire a new aesthetic for outdoor lights?

Global Lighting Outdoor Pendant adjustable two pendants

Designer Jacco Maris, that’s who. His Outsider Collection for Global Lighting offers a half-dome style with a look that’s one part industrial and one part chic.

Global Lighting Outdoor pendant adjustable

Just like the tractors, Outsider is built for longevity. Maris says that he always wanted to make a design that would last for 100 years—from the bombproof look of these fixtures, a century is a mere drop in the bucket.

Global Lighting Outdoor Pendant fixed

Outsider is available as a traditional or adjustable pendant, as well as a floor lamp. Finishes include black, white, and anodic brown.

Global Lighting Outdoor floor lamp

See Global Lighting to find out more.

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