Baluna Ceiling Light by Global Lighting

Baluna Ceiling Light by Global Lighting

Design firm Grupa Studio and manufacturer Global Lighting offer 360 degrees of lovely, unfettered rotation with the beautiful Baluna Ceiling light.

Baluna Ceiling two images one detail one in bathroom

This is a stunning pendant lamp with an aesthetic that’s two parts Modern and one part Steampunk. Perhaps best of all, it puts me in mind of a delicious black and white cookie.

Baluna ceiling light

Much of Baluna’s appeal lies in its Yin/Yang feel: the juxtaposition of opposites, the sense of creation present in the opal glass diffuser that appears to emerge from the powder-coated steel body.

Baluna Ceiling two images one with three lights the other with two from rear of light

On top of that, it’s a handcrafted piece—handblown, hand-welded, and hand-assembled. It also offers excellent versatility, as the glass diffuser “rotates around its axis indefinitely,” enabling users to put light in the desired locale.

Baluna Ceiling two lights in bedroom

Baluna also comes in a wall-mounted version.

Baluna Wall Lamp

See Global Lighting to find out more. And go to Designer Pages Media for additional impressive handblown illumination.

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