Cool Down with Winter Wallpaper

Cool Down with Winter Wallpaper

Manufacturer Wallsauce is banking on the tiresomeness of oppressive summer heat with their Christmas in July peel-and-stick murals.

The designs run the gamut from rural scenes to Christmas-in-the City themes.

Wallsauce Christmas Wallpaper snowy Central Park

Wallsauce also offers a modern/expressionistic take on the winter wonderland concept.

Wallsauce Christmas Wallpaper expressionistic deer and trees

All told, there are over 60 winter and Christmas designs, appealing in equal measure to the young and the young at heart.

Wallsauce Christmas Wallpaper deer and trees whimsical

And the murals are easy to remove without causing damage to the walls. If you’re especially careful, they may be re-applied to the backing sheet for future re-use.

Wallsauce Christmas Wallpaper Birch trees

All designs are made to order. Users simply submit the desired dimensions. See Wallsauce to find out more.

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