Brasilia Wallpaper by Kravitz Design

Brasilia Wallpaper by Kravitz Design

Welcome to a grand scale of wallpaper that dares to be different. Brasilia by Kravitz Design for Flavor Paper is a geometric pattern that honors the interplay of classic shapes and celebrates a striking sense of scale.

The bold and vibrant Brasilia wallpaper in situ for Flavor Paper

This bold wallpaper design plays with what’s in and what’s out through positive and negative space. It’s one of the wallpaper designs from Kravitz Design, a conceptual creative studio founded in 2003 by the musical icon (also, producer, actor, designer, philanthropist, and visionary) Lenny Kravitz. The name of this wallpaper, Brasilia, is a tribute to Kravitz’s love of a similar multi-hyphenate: the rich and storied heritage of Brazilian arts and culture.

Image of Lenny Kravitz for Kravitz Design

As a design studio, Kravitz Design tends towards a modern sensibility. Their focus on interiors, branding, graphic design, and industrial design is conveyed through a natural, relaxed sense of style.

Brasilia wallpaper photographed by The Shaltzes

Beyond the original black-and-white colorway option of Brasilia known as Licorice, this printed wallpaper also comes in Mauvelous, Silver, and Strawberry. For those interested, the pattern repeats every 61”.

Beyond its own idea of what’s in and what’s out, this wallpaper also seems to be curious about what’s up and what’s down. Brasilia is designed to be hung straight across or flipped “upside down” for a fresh and playful take on horizontal/vertical expectations.

Brasilia with model wearing Diane Von Furstenburg

For any geometric-obsessed wallpaper lovers out there who can’t seem to get enough, there’s also Zisa, a strong geometric wallpaper pattern inspired by Sicilian architecture via Italian fabric and wallpaper brand Colony.

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