Golden Glint: Surface Trend

Golden Glint: Surface Trend

With the trend for warm-colored metals continuing to dominate at this year’s trade shows, we highlight five golden tiles and wall coverings that add opulent shimmer to interiors.

Arabia Gold glass mosaic tiles by  L'Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial’s opulent Arabia Gold glass mosaic tiles are embedded with gold leaf protected by a layer of recycled glass.

Gold by Chilewich Contract

Launched earlier this month at NeoCon as part of Chilewich Contract‘s new metallic textile collection, Gold is available as a Plynyl wall-to-wall flooring, Plynyl floor tiles, Plynyl custom floor mats, and wall textiles. Made up of bi-color yarns of black and gold the design makes the most esteemed of materials more accessible. "I wanted to lift gold out of its comfort zone,” says Sandy Chilewich. “To dim the light of what one would expect from a precious metal."

Zen and Koi by Innovation Wallcoverings USA

Created by adhering metal foil to a vinyl backing, Innovation’s ZEN and KOI wallcoverings combine the look of precious metal leaf with the durability of Type II wallcovering to provide an elegant look that belies the sturdy construction.

Moondust by Anya Larkin

To create Anya Larkin’s Moondust paper, watercolor paint is applied wet with a sprinkling of metallic powders and then rolled into the surface.

Mother of Pearl Chevron tiles by Maya Romanoff

Maya Romanoff’s Mother of Pearl Chevron tiles feature hand inlaid shells that shimmer and shine.

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