3form Flek Panels for Hospitality and Healthcare

3form Flek Panels for Hospitality and Healthcare

The truly innovative 3form Flek panels establish a whole new product category based on re-captured waste of a different 3form product!

3form Flek four colors close-up

The new one is called Flek. The old one is Varia resin. And the upshot is a closed-loop materials stream that’s exceptionally sustainable.

3form Flek office panels gray

The Flek panels are formed by pelletizing Varia waste, color-categorizing it with an optical sorter, and forging panels that have a unique terrazzo-like aesthetic dotted throughout with specks and flecks of shimmering colors.

3form Flek office panels close up

Flek debuted last year with a palette of bright pastels. The newest colors include Avenue, Chamomile, Jetty, and Blood Orange. Panels come in 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” thickness. They are appropriate for a wide range of uses across hospitality, residential, and contract venues.

3form Flek four colors

See 3form to find out more.

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