NeoCon 2017: Acoustic Solutions from 3form

NeoCon 2017: Acoustic Solutions from 3form

This week at NeoCon, 3form increased their repertoire of sound-management wall coverings with the debut of new products Seeyond and Edge.


Both lines feature an innovative variety of acoustic felt, a ΒΌ" thick absorptive material made of 50% pre-consumer recycled PET.

Seeyond 3

While absorptive materials have traditionally been the highest performer for sound dampening, they can be quite fragile. 3form's acoustic solution, to the contrary, is durable and versatile-appropriate to a broad scope of surface applications.

Seeyond 2

3form offers Seeyond and Edge in eight comely colorways-from the cooling tones of Zinc to the intense hue of Ebony.

3form_Acoustic Felt_Ebony_1

Edge is ideal for sound dampening along corridors, hallways, and partitions. Suspended from the ceiling, the absorptive material offers a unique aesthetic while increasing the habitability of a space.

Edge 1

For further information on this innovative range of sound-dampening solutions, visit 3form.

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