Tarkett’s Light Shift Celebrates Illumination

Designer Suzanne Tick and Tarkett have collaborated on a new modular carpet collection: Light Shift explores the shifting qualities of light, the ways in which it “dramatically shapes our experience of a space and influences us as interconnected beings.”

Tarkett Light Shift Collection detail of three carpet styles

The point is that everybody can relate to light and the way it evolves through the course of a day—creating different atmospheres and thus evoking a variety of emotions.

Tarkett Light Shift Collection close up of three carpet styles plus two samples of tile

The collection is comprised of three styles of carpeting and one coordinating luxury vinyl tile: Parallel Ray, Specular, Light Shift, and Glint.

Tarkett Light Shift Collection close-up of three styles and two vinyl tiles

Each examine the way color, texture, and pattern interact to manipulate light—absorbing it, reflecting it, distributing it across the surface, harnessing movement and altering perspective.

Tarkett Light Shift Collection three carpet tiles and two vinyl tiles

In the words of designer Tick, “Light plays and displays all the time. It makes us aware that everything is a part of the unified.” To find out more, see Tarkett.

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