Hexagon by Shaw Contract Group

Hexagon by Shaw Contract Group

Shaw Contract Group

 has introduced a collection of graphic hexagon-shaped carpet tiles that come in a range of designs that help to define different working areas within the office space.


The Hexagon Collection by Shaw Contract Group reacts to the cultural shift toward more collaborative environments.

Simply called Hexagon, Shaw believes that its new shape of carpet tile will: “change the way you move through a space, veer you off the beaten path and encourage collaborative chemistry.”

The palette is designed in a color wheel of related values and nuances of tone. Color families can be combined in groups of three tonal values to create unique social hives of color on  the floor. This concept encourages unlimited connections, combining colors and patterns to create an interconnectedness among the inhabitants of the space.

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All made from Eco Solution Q® Nylon, choose from a Plane tile, Linear tile, Linear Shift tile and Bevel tile.

The Plane tile is the foundation of the collection, is available in 29 colors of varying hue and value, ranging from cool to warm.

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Linear provides a classic, striated visual to create a random herringbone texture when installed in a multi-directional arrangement.

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Linear Shift combines multiple colors to create a subtle shift of value across the hexagon.

Hexagon by Shaw Contract Group_2

Bevel offers a visual deconstruction of the hexagon-both through a dimensional layering of the shapes and through a plush, sheared finish.

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Hexagon is Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified and uses premium Eco Solution Q® fiber with 45 percent recycled content. All tiles feature EcoWorx® backing, which is completely recyclable, PVC-free and contains 44 percent recycled content. Hexagon contributes to LEED credits, including recycled content, low-emitting materials and innovation in design.

For specifying information, find a representative.

See Shaw Contract Group on Designer Pages or visit www.shawhardsurface.com.

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