Look at these Lovely New Rugs from Fritz Hansen

Look at these Lovely New Rugs from Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen and Cecile Manz provide a one-two punch of Scandinavian flair with a new rug collection.

Fritz Hansen rugs Dots and Dotted Balance

But perhaps I should re-phrase the aphorism as a “gentle caress,” because the four new designs—Dots, Balance, Dotted Balance, and Ochre—are subtle expressions of minimalist artistry, drawing inspiration from Manz’s pencil drawings and the play of light slanting through her studio windows.

Fritz Hansen rugs Ochre detail

As with many expressions of Scandinavian design, the rugs manage to be both warm and cool at once, capturing the various enigmas of light and dark, the interplay of curved and rectilinear forms.

Fritz Hansen rugs Dots in room with wood floor and pink wall

The rugs offer different tufting heights within each design, complementing the juxtaposition of shapes with an equally alluring juxtaposition of textures.

Fritz Hansen rugs Balance detail

Handcrafted in India, the rugs are colored with acid-free dye. Proceeds support children’s education in Nepal. To find out more, see Fritz Hansen.

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