Karastan Contract’s Euphoric, Insatiable Rug Collection

I may have mentioned in the past that I have dreamt of being the person who names nail polish colors and lipstick hues. I now have to add to that list the undeniable pleasure of being the person in charge of appellation at Karastan Contract. Their rug collections are always stellar and innovative –both in fact and in fancy (under foot and on the tongue). Such is the case with Karastan Contract’s Covet Collection, which comes with this sexy subtitle: “Some Things You Simply Must Have.”

Euphoric. Designed by Karastan Contract.

The subdued carpets are luxurious in woven broadloom featuring large-scale repeats and an array of options. Two of those, Euphoric and Insatiable, are the current objects of our affection here at 3rings. Both coordinate with three distinctive modular patterns that also make up the Covet Collection: Forever Envy, Ultimate Temptation, and Completely Charmed.But let’s get back to the plushy, posh broadlooms. Euphoric and Insatiable are available in nine colorways, each called something more sensual than the next. For example, Allurement (charcoal), Adoration (gold), and Spellbound (chocolate). The lush colors evoke nature underfoot with gorgeous greys and saturated taupes. The subtle, graduated pattern of Euphoric is like a mellow checkerboard, a grid gone as soft around the edges as peach fuzz. Insatiable hides a series of stripes so expertly hidden that you might miss them altogether as you step foot on the majestic field of opulent carpet. The modular accompaniments to these broadlooms are glorious tufted numbers, springy and giving beneath your step–all of which show off much bolder lines.


The Covet Collection by Karastan Contract will take offices from dull to delectable, causing workers to eye one another with newfound interest. Euphoric and Insatiable just might provoke fantasies of skipping hand-in-hand with the foreign gentleman in the corner office or the attractive woman at the copy machine. With Covet underfoot, who knows what libidinous impulses might take over?

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