The Parisone Pendant by Sonneman is Sublime

The Parisone Pendant by Sonneman is Sublime

Parisone is an LED pendant that looks like a teardrop, burdened with gravity at the apex of its expansion, before tumbling down the cheek.

Parisone Pendant single bulb

Thankfully, this lovely light from Sonneman has been eternally suspended in its oblong shape. Even better, it’s been paired—or tripled—with equals of its ilk to form an enigmatic threesome of a luminaire.

Parisone Pendant close-up of module with three bulbs

The assembly—dangling from a long cord in the fashion of an infant’s mobile—creates a poem in motion: “fluid glass from a funnel-like shape in a continuous flowing volume.”

Parisone Pendant many modules of three in upscale restaurant with modern decor

The Parisone pendant works best in spacious venues, as the relationship between the three bulbs changes depending on the perspective. To find out more, see Sonneman. And go to Designer Pages Media for more blown glass lighting.

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