Lima de Lezando Explores the Dark Side of his Furore Lamp

It’s a bit tough to get info. on designer Lima de Lezando, saving his gender (male, somewhat surprisingly, given the Latin-sounding lilt of the name) and his certain authorship of the futurist/retro Furore Lamp. The designer debuted this piece in early summer 2010, at which point its fantastically-drooping glass bulbs and subtly-bent steel arms drew interest from hipsters and vintage aficionados alike. Forgive me for suggesting that there might be some serious overlap in those two categories, as the clamor for the beautiful and bizarre can only increase.

Furore Lamp. Designed by Lima de Lezando.

A Limited Edition of a Contemporary Classic

Whatever your demographic—and whatever your interest in the enduring artifacts of design—suffice it to say that Furore is certain to strike your fancy. Lezando offered the original piece in three incarnations: copper colored arms/smoky glass bulbs, white arms/ smokier glass bulbs, and black arms/smokiest glass bulbs. Today’s news about Furore is that he’s taken it to the logical next step: black on darkest black. Lezando has made only 300 of Furore’s latest guise—certain to make it even more appealing to fans of the rare and the beautiful.

Lima de Lezando Explores the Dark Side of his Furore Lamp

Before you suggest that the last line sounds like a spin-off soap opera, consider Furore’s aesthetic versatility. The piece evokes both the industrial age (one critic has likened the agglomeration of bulbs to steam engine pipes) and the very inventive version of a gleaming techno future (think the cool, kitschy mise en scene of Logan’s Run). And am I the only one who sees a phallic intonation herein? Admittedly, the bulbs are in a downward-oriented configuration—some might even say “flaccid”—but they are conspicuously cylindrical. Overall, I’d characterize the look as a kind of linear/industrial organic. Lezando, for his part, wisely describes Furore in terms of its dramatic appearance and enduring functionality: “it is the perfect design object for gastronomy and hotels. With its gentle light FURORE creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere.”

Via DesignMilk.

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