Fly Away with Kite

Fly Away with Kite

Kite, by Nendo for Stellar Works, resembles nothing so much as a delicate piece of Origami.

Nendo Kit rear view shallow seat

This is apropos. As that ancient art allows wondrous three-dimensional creatures and creations to emerge from a mere scrap of paper, so too does Kite seem to materialize out of thin air.

Nendo Kite rear view above detail

The chair’s ineffable aspect is very much by design; Kite is tailored to inhabit small spaces: “a compact chair for corridors, elevator lobbies, and entrances… for passersby to rest in for a spell or in which to have casual conversation.”

Nendo Kite side view shallow chair

Just so, the highlight of Kite is the backrest, offering a comfy support that takes up only vertical space, while the seat is diminutive and contained.

Nendo Kite front view shallow with tall backrest

Kite also has a modular aspect. The seat and back are independent of one another, enabling users to mix and match depending on the space.

Nendo Kite several styles

To find out more, see Nendo.

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