Instant Classic: Laclasica by Stua

Instant Classic: Laclasica by Stua

They say the proof is in the pudding.

Laclasica chairs in Stay resturant

While I can’t say whether the “Stay” restaurant in Mallorca serves that particular confection, I can affirm that the proprietors have chosen to adorn the airy environs with Jesús Gasca’s Laclasica chair, a good many of them, in fact.

two rows of chairs in natural ash with brown upholstery in restaurant

The double row decorating the ocean-side restaurant is a testament to the chairs’ appeal, the natural ash and earthy upholstery matching the organic, breezy allure of “this space that breathes the sea that surrounds it.”

chairs on dock in tropical bay with mountains in background

Nor is Laclasica confined to hospitality locales. Modeled after the natural curves of the human form, Laclasica evokes sensuality and warmth, familiarity and comfort, which makes it ideal for residential settings as well.

Laclasica chairs dark stain with brown upholstery at dining table

The chair also offers a timeless appeal. The design uses 3D plywood technology for a seamless junction between the back and legs, a sculptural detail that makes it seem like Laclasica “has always been here.”

Laclasica chair family

Laclasica is a potent example of using technology without sacrificing beauty or sensuality or the welcoming feel of an heirloom piece. As Gasca says, “I use technology to make my designs more human.”

dark gray/brown chairs in wine tasting room

Available with or without arms, La Clasica is stackable. Options include six stain colors and an extensive range of Kvadrat textile upholstery.

Laclasica arm chairs in black

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