Square Chair by Moroso

Square Chair by Moroso

Jonathan Olivares’ Square Chair, from Moroso and slated for display at the Kvadrat showroom, offers an irresistible form based on a unique conceit.

Square Chair with orange/pink in garage open to the outside

Inspired by his collaboration with the Danish textile manufacturer, Olivares modeled Square on the base unit of fabric: “it derives its formal language from the basic square that makes up the warp and weft of a woven textile.”

Square chair close up pink large cushion and yellow backrest

The designer goes on to say that Square chair is essentially a portion of textile under the microscope, as it were—enlarged, abstracted, and amply cushioned.

view from behind, pink/yellow

Square’s construction is similarly basic. Made of tubular steel with a wood frame and polyester fiberfill, Square embraces the simplicity of its geometry. It’s a flexible, lightweight work chair that’s funky and fun.

two Square chairs, one with green cushion and light green backrest, the other orange/white

Get further details at Moroso. And go to Designer Pages Media to see more geometrically inspired furniture.

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