The Seamless Sintesi total black Cooktop

The Seamless Sintesi total black Cooktop

Falmec’s Sintesi Induction Cooktop—also known as Sintesi total black—is like the Ninja of kitchen hobs.

Sintesi total black cooktop front view

First off, the all-black aesthetic enables seamless integration into a variety of contemporary designs. Secondly, Sintesi is engineered for slick functionality and easy installation.

Sintesi total black cooktop view from side on gray countertop with two bowls of food beyond

Notably, the cooktop features integrated extraction via automated flaps that open only when in operation. Once off, the flaps close and recede—virtually disappearing in a futuristic flourish, “resulting in a streamlined surface that facilitates kitchen activities and allows access for easy cleaning.”

Sintesi total black cooktop detail of extraction feature with flaps up

Sintesi also offers excellent performance: four zones, nine cooking levels, a high-power boost function, and Flex Surface technology for even heat distribution. There’s also an optional anti-odor version, employing activated carbon and zeolite to eliminate smells and reduce humidity.

Sintesi total black cooktop front view with two pots of corn and squash cooking and bowls of food in background

See Falmec to find out more.

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