Beautiful Gas and Induction Cooktops by Bertazzoni

If you consider the philosophical trajectory of oven and cooktop manufacturer Bertazzoni, the tour de force that is the recent PM36 1 IGX gas/induction combo cooktop seems like a perfectly natural evolution. Though I’ve never seen its ilk before, one could reasonably make the claim that Bertazzoni was headed in that direction all along—ever since the family enterprise made the switch from wood to gas back in the 1950s.

PM36 1 IGX Gas/Induction Cooktop. Manufactured by Bertazzoni

Bertazzoni’s Cooktops provide Multiple Options for Serious Chefs

Though the PM36 combo cooktop might be considered the show-stopper among Bertazzoni’s line of eight high-performance numbers, the best way to appreciate its utility is to enumerate the benefits of both gas and induction styles.

PM36 1 IGX Gas/Induction Cooktop. Manufactured by Bertazzoni

Bertazzoni’s gas burners come in different sizes for different needs—“from a delicate low simmer to full power (6,200 –18,000 BTU).” The burners are all constructed of high-efficiency brass; thus, little heat is lost through transference, as the bulk of it is directed to pots and pans, which enjoy unparalleled heat-up times. Other perks include enhanced seals and rounded edges, which translates into ease of maintenance and increased cleanliness.

PM36 1 IGX Gas/Induction Cooktop. Manufactured by Bertazzoni

While Bertazzoni’s gas cooktops offer impressive efficiency, the manufacturer’s induction cooktops promise virtually zero waste or residual heat loss. Since no heat is generated until the pan contacts the cooktop, all the expended energy goes towards cooking; nothing is lost to the atmosphere, which would be a special perk on those hot summer nights soon to come.

PM36 1 IGX Gas/Induction Cooktop. Manufactured by Bertazzoni

Both gas and induction styles feature Bertazzoni’s trademark aesthetic appeal—slim lines and low profiles in stainless steel or brass, intuitive touch controls, and heavy-duty cast iron grates for the gas models. Bertazzoni offers cooktops in 30 and 36 inch wide models, with three, four, or five burners.

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About the Manufacturer: Who better than the Italians to take the art of cooking to heart? And who better than Emilia Romagna-based Bertazzoni to pioneer the next generation of cooktops and ovens? The manufacturer has synthesized the exquisite culinary traditions of the region (“delectable produce such as prosciutto di Parma, salami and mortadella, varied and delicious pastas, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar”) with the engineering aptitude characterized by Italian racing motorbikes, machine tools, and electrical gear, to produce kitchen appliances that harness the best of technology and the tastiest of tradition. The result, as chefs the world over are well aware, is a superlative collection of ranges and cooktops, “built with passion and precision by people who know about cooking.”

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