Inducements for Induction

Inducements for Induction

The benefits of induction cooktops have gone beyond those expressed for years in Fisher & Paykel’s Induction line. Now, they’re being extolled by none other than the federal government.


Fisher & Paykel 24″ Induction Cooktop

That endorsement is taking the concrete form of rebates offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, up to $840 in fact.

detail of control panel on cooktop

Uncle Sam hopes to encourage the transition form the more energy-intensive gas to the safety and efficiency offered by induction, which uses electromagnetism to transfer heat from the range’s inner workings directly to the pot or pan (cast iron works best). The cooktop itself remains at a neutral temp!

four burners on cooktop, view from above
Induction cooktop with flush-mount extractor
Fisher & Paykel oven with induction cooktop in red

As the above images show, Fisher & Paykel’s range of induction ranges is many and varied. Sizes range (yes, I went there again) from 24″ to 30″ to 36″ to a 48″ professional hybrid range that offers induction and gas side by side.

Chef grade oven with induction in stainless steel

What are induction’s primary benefits? Fisher & Paykel is glad you asked:

  1. Pinpoint temp. control to sear, temper, and sauté like a pro!
  2. Less energy expenditure, no source emissions
  3. Fast and efficient: witness water coming to boil in as little as two minutes
  4. Safe: cooktop stays cool
  5. Easy to clean: no faceted surface or removable grates
cooktop with built-in extractor

Visit Fisher & Paykel to find out more.

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