Alterna Casegoods by Kimball Health

Alterna Casegoods by Kimball Health

Alterna Casegoods, from Kimball Health, is a storage and cabinetry collection specifically designed for the rigors of healthcare venues.

Alterna Casegoods in patient facility white storage modules with sofa and recliner

With seamless installation and durable construction, Alterna provides a do-it-all solution for the variety of spaces within healthcare environments—“from public zones, to clinical areas, workspaces and more.”

Alterna Casegoods in light-filled patient library white bookcases with yellow lounge chairs, pink ottomans, and modular sofa

Components include a variety of storage modules (base and overhead cabinets, wall hanging sink cabinets, wardrobe units, credenzas, and lockers), as well as countertop and worktop surfaces, bracketry, benches, wall panels, and filler panels. 

Alterna Casegoods wall mounted sink unit with white countertop and dark wood vanity beneath sink

Alterna is a modular system, easy to re-configure, so if today’s snack room needs to morph into tomorrow’s multi-purpose zone, Alterna can make the switch quickly and easily.

Alterna Casegoods patient room with workspace, sofa, ottomans, and side table

A variety of hardware, laminates, and solid surfaces are available—all designed to coordinate with freestanding components.

Alterna Casegoods wall-mounted credenza in reception area white with gray top

See Kimball Health to find out more.

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