Am I Blue: Embrace Winter with Davidson London

Am I Blue: Embrace Winter with Davidson London

A multi-faceted color, blue can imply the tranquility of Mediterranean seas (see last week’s Blu Ponti), as well as the drear of depression. Davidson London invites you to eschew the winter blahs and re-contextualize the meaning of the blues with a handful of pieces showing the breadth of the blue palette.

Blue Lunar Luxury desk

Lunar Luxury Desk

Inspired by the work of French designer Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, a key figure of the 1930s Art Deco movement, the Lunar Luxury writing desk is dark and daring, with glossy curves that manage to toe the line between glamour and staid British decorum.

Blue Lunar Luxury desk front view

The Abstract cabinet takes a different tack. Zig-zagging lines of inset brass and a brushed finish evoke the fascinating fluidity of modern architecture and art, “strong diagonal lines in an asymmetrical pattern inject cool sophistication.”

Blue Abstract cabinet

The Abstract Cabinet in January blue

The Palisades side cabinet matches Abstract in basic form, but the similarities end there. Designed by Anna Standish, this piece looks to 70s Americana for its inspiration. The deep aqua shade recalls a classic motif of the romanticization of going out west West—the California swimming pool as depicted by artist David Hockney.

Blue Palisades cabinet

Palisades cabinet. The rippling surface evokes a gentle breeze on the surface of a pool.

Lastly, the Spiralizer table juxtaposes the rich, inky blue of its twisty, turn-y base with a channel top. The combination makes for a dynamic interplay: of light and dark, faceted and seamless, the fluid movement of a turn table and the spiraling hypnotics of a barber’s pole.

Blue Spiralizer occasional table

Spiralizer occasional table. Can you see it spinning?

U.K.-based Davidson London manufactures luxury furniture made by skilled artisans with hand-made craft and precision, “combining classic elegance with the very latest in contemporary design.”

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