Shapes to Savor: The Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse

Shapes to Savor: The Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse

The Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse joins the Mediterranean sensibility of the former with the intuition of the latter for a curated collection of textured rugs designed for ancillary spaces.

Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse Basket close up black rug with white border and white dots

These six unique patterns reflect organic phenomena of geometry and light: the patterns of light through a basket weave, the shadows cast by foliage, the fortuitous forms of interlacing linework.

Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse Strokes style close-up of thin random black lines on gray rug with chrome chair base

With a color palette of soft botanicals and subtle earth tones—the shapes and shades reference those seen in the sun-dappled region of Cataluña, home of nanimarquina.

Nanimarquina collection for Coalesse Shadwos style of random foliage shapes medium gray on light gray

There’s also a notable material innovation. Mesh, made for outdoor use, features 100% recycled PET in a hand-loomed flat-weave dhurrie construction, creating a durable alternative with a texture and feel just like indoor rugs.

Nanimarquina for Coalesse Mesh style two-tone outdoor rug with khaki and mustard colors

Of the six styles, four feature 100% new wool. Mesh and Diagonal are both 100% PET.

Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse Diagonal style close up of five different colorways

Lew Epstein, Coalesse General Manager, says the Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse is a timely addition to the acoustic and spatial challenges of the open workspace: “Rugs are becoming an increasingly important design element to help ground today’s work settings by forming natural boundaries while absorbing sound… the new collection will bring a greater sense of warmth, vitality and soul to the workplace.”

Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse overhead view of Basket style black with white border and white circles and light gray chair

Go to Coalesse to find out more. And see Designer Pages Media for more textiles from nanimarquina.

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