Coalesse makes its debut in Milan

Coalesse makes its debut in Milan


has been working hard at-what else?-work. But somehow its new collection feels a bit more like play, helping us move work out of traditional office settings and into more natural, flexible live-work environments. From chairs that flip to tables that fold, the company's Milan debut earlier this month was a reminder that, with the right design, we can feel more and more at home in the office.

[caption id="attachment_85379" align="alignnone" width="546"]Hosu chair Hosu chair[/caption]

Patricia Urquiola's Hosu chair (which debuted in the U.S. at NeoCon last year) is low to the ground, creating a more relaxed feeling whether it is used for work or relaxation. Both the single- and double-seat designs have the option of a convertible chaise foldout, in addition to rear and side storage pockets and cord pass-throughs. Its textured fabric is available in six exclusive colors.

[caption id="attachment_85381" align="alignnone" width="546"]Massaud ottoman Massaud ottoman[/caption]

Launched in Milan, French designer Jean-Marie Massaud's collection for Coalesse includes a lounge, work lounge, and ottoman. And its theme was perfect for an international debut; inspired by first class flight seating, the collection is an alternative to traditional desk-oriented working styles.

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The swivel lounge has an adjustable headrest for longer relaxed sitting, while the work Lounge includes an integrated, height-adjustable, pivoting tablet for computers or tablets. In the same vein, the ottoman has outer pockets to make accessing frequently used items easy; it also opens to provide space for technology and storage.

[caption id="attachment_85380" align="alignnone" width="546"]Lagunitas lounge Lagunitas lounge[/caption]

Coalesse also previewed its Lagunitas collection in Milan this year. Designed by Toan Nguyen, the line features a customizable lounge and table. The pieces offer alternatives to offices, or, on the other end of the spectrum, to coffee shops; with more than 50 lounge and table combinations the collection can foster varying degrees of privacy and a range of working postures. An articulating back cushion supports both leaning-back and leaning-forward postures, while opaque fabrics or translucent meshes can be used on high and low panels, allowing for flexible aesthetic options too.

[caption id="attachment_85397" align="alignnone" width="546"]Lagunitas, Coalesse, contract Lagunitas lounge and table[/caption]

Click here to visit Coalesse's online store. For designers and contract industry professionals, sales reps and authorized dealers can help with everything from surface material selection and order placement to specialized services including space planning and design, delivery and installation. Click here to contact the company.

About the Manufacturer: Coalesse is an award-winning brand of furnishings that expresses the new freedom of work. It is part of the rapidly growing category called Crossover. The crossovers are homes and offices, meeting rooms and social spaces, private retreats and public places-the fluid intersections of work and life where boundaries are collapsing and creativity is roaming. Coalesse studies the new work day, how people are collaborating, contemplating, and socializing at work. Then the company asks some of the world's most talented designers to create artful solutions that combine comfort, function, and emotional satisfaction. For end-user customers, Coalesse helps graciously integrate work and the rest of life. Wherever you are inspired to work, however you get things done, Coalesse is designed to improve your day. Coalesse is a Brand of Steelcase Inc.

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