Computerized Cubism: Ron Arad’s Pixelated Rug for Nanimarquina

Nanimarquina focuses on one thing and one thing only: rugs. Employing some of today’s hottest designers, the company casts a wide net in terms of style—everything from cutting-edge modern to eco-friendly statements (see Flying Carpet and Global Warming). Part of Nanimarquina’s success stems from its global approach: “Working with craft techniques from all over the world imbues the rugs with a unique character.”

Do-Lo-Rez. Designed by Ron Arad for Nanimarquina.

This is why the company offers such a range of products in an array of textures—from the felt blossoms of Little Field of Flowers to the round pom poms of Topissimo. Now designer Ron Arad is doubling the stakes, so to speak. He has designed a modular rug entitled Do-Lo-Rez that can be coupled with a modular sofa (also called Do-Lo-Rez) by Moroso. The rug takes its cue from the pixel—a popular inspiration come lately (see Pixel Couch and Bisazza Boxes). The Do-Lo-Rez rug (low-res) is made up of different colored squares in four palettes: Red 1 (bright carmines and oranges) and Red 2 (darker reds and greys), and Blue 1 (marines and aquas) and Blue 2 (steel blues and charcoals). Hand-made and hand-tufted, the Ron Arad rug is also 100% New Zealand wool, maintaining the quality of construction and material that Nanimarquina is known for.




Should Do-Lo-Rez comprise an entire room—at the two-dimensional level of the Nanimarquina rug and the three-dimensional level of the Moroso sofa—it will mimic the odd visual effect of pixilated pictures. At once whole and atomized, this cubist deconstruction abstracts reality, reminding us that everything can be boiled down to essential forms. Do-Lo-Rez might just bring Platonic Forms to the computerized generation.

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