Nuura Apiales 9 Chandelier

Nuura Apiales 9 Chandelier

The Nuura Apiales 9 Chandelier not only has the merit of being a lovely, compact, luminous lightpiece but also of inherent enlightened instruction—as it teaches us the new word “umbellifer.”

Nuura Apiales 9 Chandelier two lights in long hallway

New to me, at least, since my botanical knowledge hadn’t previously extended to this flowering plant of the parsley family, “whose defining characteristic is inflorescence, with flowers nearly always aggregated in terminal umbels.”

Nuura Apiales 9 Chandelier against white background

The translation is that umbellifers have a charming habit of close, random clustered flowers—the very quality that captivated designer Refer in her youth. The Apiales Chandelier is thus a tribute to this genial plant that grew near her grandparents’ cottage in Rørvig, Denmark.

Nuura Apiales 9 Chandelier view from beneath with ceiling attachment visible

Apiales 9 is a re-visitation of the earlier larger-scale chandelier, this iteration scaled to sit closer to the ceiling, thus making it versatile and appropriate for many venues including those with low ceilings.

Nuura Apiales 9 Chandelier in room with sheer curtains and window

The light features a hand-blown diffuser and brass arms. It has a hanging height of 40 cm and a 60 cm diameter. See Nuura to find out more. And visit Designer Pages Media for more lighting from Nuura.

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