Woodendot’s Savia Table and Bench

Woodendot’s Savia Table and Bench

With a focus on sustainable design and local craftsmanship, Woodendot pays tribute to the wood-working culture of their rural headquarters in Northern Spain; just so, Woodendot’s Savia Table and Bench are the perfect products to epitomize the brand.

Woodendot Savia Table and Bench in airy kitchen with plant

Savia is made of sustainably harvested ash, which is a great jumping-off point, but the soul of Savia is its clever construction.

Woodendot's Savia Table

The easy separation and assembling of components makes Savia flat-packable and thereby economical to ship, saving monetary costs in addition to reducing the climate cost of bulky transport.

Woodendot's Savia Table and Bench three benches around kitchen table with black pendant lamp

This natural aesthetic is further reinforced via its organic silhouette, as both table and bench possess the subtle apex and base of a leaf.

Woodendot Savia Table Black with gold highlights

Lastly, Woodendot’s Savia Table is a versatile piece. Creative Director Daniel Garcia emphasizes how this notion is central to the brand: “Both the table and the bench are appropriate to complement different atmospheres beyond the living room… the bench is suitable for almost every room in the house, and the table can be the perfect centerpiece for a meeting room.”

Woodendot's Savia Table partial view of table with open book on it

Savia is available in black, light stained ash, and dark stained ash, all of which may be highlighted with black and golden details for the lacquered wood.

Woodendot's Savia Table dark-stained ash with gold highlights at table seams

See Woodendot to find out more.

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