Miniforms’ Arresting ACCO Table

Miniforms’ Arresting ACCO Table

The allure of the simple line is palpable with Florian Schimd‘s ACCO for Miniforms, a circular table with a streamlined wooden top and tambor-style base that’s so sleek and angular it looks like tightly strung wire.

Oval shaped table with ceramic top and black wooden base with plants in background

But ACCO’s genius is that the base is sculpted from wood, “featuring a frame with a distinct regular pattern of wooden lines.”

ACCO table in compact kitchen with ceramic top, medium-toned wood base, and red upholstered chairs

Designer Schmid says the idea for Acco was born of simple accident, as he happened to see one of those classic folding meter measuring sticks and was struck by the basic ingenuity. Acco (the name references an accordion, another iconic pleated structure) uses this elemental form as a repeating motif, thus establishing ACCO’s unique aesthetic while also creating structural stability.

ACCO with glass top and wood base in hip kitchen

Options for ACCO include choice of round or oval tops in wood, glass, or ceramic, with bases available in canaletto walnut, ash, or black ash.

View from above at circular glass table with colorful chairs

See Miniforms for more.

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