Alden Side Table Makes Quick Work of Work

Alden Side Table Makes Quick Work of Work

From KFI Studios and Union Design comes the Alden Side Table, a simple, lightweight, and super-convenient portable surface.

Alden Side Table yellow with lounge chairs

The genius of Alden is its high strength-to-weight ratio. Essentially constructed of two ovals and a post, Alden works owing to its combination of stability and clearance. The hefty base creates a versatile balance point, allowing users to scoot it up close without worrying about tipping it over.

Alden Side Table white with two white armchairs

In addition to the durable steel construction and slick monochromatic finish, Alden also incorporates a convenient handle for ease of transport. Lifting it up and relocating is a matter of mere seconds.

Alden Side Table black handle detail

Alden comes in six vibrant colors. This convenient little powerhouse of a work table is “ideal for working on laptops in lounge chairs or being carried to anywhere one prefers to work.”

Alden Side Table six colors

Find out more at KFI Studios.

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